Baseball is a contact sport played between two competing teams who each take turns catching and pitching. When a team plays, the game usually lasts approximately four hours. The game is usually played in outdoor stadiums but some are played indoors during colder seasons. It can be played with two teams on each team or with three teams; play begins after a designated period of time has passed.

DescriptionThe game played between the two teams is called baseball. It is played with a wooden bat called a “base” and with a wooden ball (“strike”). Baseball is governed by a National League baseball league. Wikipedia

RulesWhen playing baseball, teams play at different distances from home plate. The distance between home plate and first base, second base, third base, and the dugout is sixty feet; the distance between third base and the dugout is seventy feet; the distance between the center field and first base, second base, and the dugout is eighty feet. Teams play one out against the other teams at any of the home plate positions. Each team has seven innings, three innings per game, unless one team is declared bankrupt, in which case the game is stopped and the winner is the team that had the better record when the game was stopped.

PositionsIn baseball, unlike football, basketball, or lacrosse, there are no positions. Players can only play position-by-position. Two position types are first basemen, third basemen, short hitters, and long hitters. Pitchers, who throw a ball to position players, are also placed in certain positions.

HistoryAmerican football and baseball have formed the basis for many of the rules and traditions that form part of the makeup of the game today. In American football, for example, tackling or blocking a field goal post or the goal line is illegal, whereas in baseball, the home plate is considered the playing field. First basemen are given first chance to hit the ball, regardless of whether they tagged the ball or not. Hitters are allowed to try to throw the ball as far away from the second base as possible; first basemen and short hitters may try to hit the ball while in the outfield, but not when they’re actually playing the field.

Batters and PlatesWhen a ball is hit by a bat, it is put into play on one of the two offensive bases, usually designated either as a home or second base. If a runner advances from one base onto another base without being put out, that runner is often known as a “positiator” or “non-positor,” and may be charged with a foul. In baseball, though, a runner is always on one of the two bases, regardless of whether he advances from home or not. Playing on a field where the only two bases are in play is referred to as “pitching” or” fielding.”g

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