Sports are organized physical activities and competitions. These satisfy the need for physical action, play and competition among people. All sports could be potentially competitive.

This is the main difference between sports and rest, leisure or physical contests. The rules and laws governing most sports, autotelic events are not the same in all sports, though all sports have a basis of competition, like weightlifting, swimming and cycling to mention a few. The essence is that sports aim to achieve a common goal.

Sports can be competitive or non-competitive. Sports could be for team competition or single sport, both are done with an aim to achieve a common goal. Almost all sports start with the physical dexterity. For example swimming starts from swimming and building up to the muscular power needed to float. Competitions could be won individually or teams competing in swimming events.

Most sports events are organized for competitive or non-competitive purposes. The history of most sports events is either prehistoric man, but the spirit behind them is similar. Sports events have become a pastime, a hobby for men and women alike and a great social event. These could also be the source of competition among various ethnic groups, nationalities and religions.

Today there are many international sports tournaments such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the Olympics and other major sports events. Modern sports are based on the ancient sports of Greece and Rome. Ancient Greece was famous for playing many sports including wrestling, boxing and running. The Roman Empire developed a number of sports, such as polo and the game of Roman boxing.

One of the most famous games developed in the renaissance period was football. It was played between the city-states of Europe, and later on between the European countries and some nations in the Americas. The Romans were known to have developed football equipment, such as the huddle ball and puma boots, and the game was played even before the Renaissance, during the Roman civil war. A popular game of the renaissance period was horse racing, which was commonly played between aristocratic families in Italy.

Early sports such as archery developed from fighting skills during tournaments and battles. Martial arts, from the same era, developed into competitions, boxing and wrestling, and they all became physical prowess that were put to use during battle. Early medieval knights developed fighting skills and used them to fight off encroaching towns. These battles were known as ‘faits’.

Sports that developed in the Middle Ages had more to do with the physical prowess of men. There were primitive games of archery and wrestling that evolved into tournaments that required teams of people to participate. Many of these early games were similar to modern day games such as soccer and baseball. Others, such as wrestling, involved objects such as weight throw and the occasional forfeit where one player would step out of the competition to avoid being ‘out.’

Gaining mastery over weapons such as the bow and arrow and developing stamina to fight or flee were another way of enhancing your prowess in the sports. The most famous sport of the time, however, was football, which evolved from the game of war. Thousands of men from Europe fought for supremacy in the streets with a ball. Although football is often confused with boxing, there were significant differences between the two sports. The rules of the games were different and violent, but both sports developed into something very unique.

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