Sports are competitive physical games and activities. These fill the need for competition, physical action and play. All sports activities are potentially competitive; in other words, they bring competitors together. This is probably the main difference between recreational, leisure or competition. The object of the game is to win, to “win” the game.
Most sports activities are not games, as the name implies, but competitions. There are many different types of sporting activities, such as track and field events, swimming, gymnastics, sailing, bicycling and football. Some sports can be played repeatedly, while others are played only once or at most. In track and field events, athletes attempt to complete an obstacle course. The object is to be first to complete it.
The ultimate sports competition is swimming. Swimming has several definitions, depending on where you go. Some refer to the sport as a form of diving. Many people consider it to be a contest to see whose body can stay under the water for the longest period, up to 1 minute. Competitive swimming is also often included in other forms of exercise physiology, such as strength training and aerobic exercise.
The definition of a game is open to interpretation. It depends on who you ask. A simple game of darts is also a physical activity. Any competition in which two or more persons attempt to hit a ball with a stick is a game. Billiards is another example.

The term sport can have many different interpretations. There is no consistent meaning. Some people may use the word competition when discussing team sports such as baseball, basketball and football. An individual competitor may compete in a triathlon or track race.
Sport is often used to describe a competitive situation. There are many different sports that we call games, competitions or sporting events. Each has its own place in our society. As long as they continue to exist there will be many different sports names to choose from throughout the English-speaking world.


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